Two speeds motor power kw 3/4
Enginie R.P.M. 1400-2800
MAx./ min blande lenght mm.7660-7720
Sawblade width mm.10-35
Blade thickness mm.0.7
Cutting width mm.1520
Cutting Hight mm.1000
Flywheels diameter mm.600
Height of yhe working table from the floor mm.900
Diameter of the two dust exhausting mouths mm.100
Net weiht kg. 1000
Max. overall dimensions mm.2600x900x2950h


This machine was designed to meet special customer needs for those that cut large dimension items not only of wood but materials such as foam panels, pvc, plastic items, cartons and wood composite panels.

A cutting capacity bigger than traditional band saws, electric raising of the upper blade guide, a two speed motor, and excellent performance make this a highly innovative machine able to satisfy the multiple needs of industry.

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